Persons with tax problems may have many different alternatives available to them. The first step is to make an appointment to come and see me to discuss exactly what issues are present in your case. Here are some issues we may discuss:

Do you agree with the liability assessed?
Do you wish to challenge the IRS or Department of Revenue within their administrative system or in Court?
Do you owe payroll or income taxes?
Do you have unfiled returns?
Do you have an audit or other assessment pending?
Are there third parties involved that can help pay the tax for you?
Has the statute of limitations run?
Is the IRS hot on your heels with levies or liens, thus jeopardizing your property or paycheck?
If you cannot pay, how much can you pay and when?

Depending on your situation, here is how my services may be able to help you:

Taxes may be discharged in Bankruptcy so that they are not legally collected by the IRS.
Levies may be released.
An Offer in Compromise may be made where you pay a low percentage of the total amount you owe.
Interest and penalties may be waived through aggressive negotiation.
Payment plans may be arranged at an affordable amount for you. (not what the Service calls “affordable”)
Liabilities may be challenged if the government has incorrectly calculated amounts owed or acted illegally.

I really want to help. Everything is done legally and ethically. PLEASE CALL ME QUICKLY TO SET UP YOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION BEFORE THE TAXING AUTHORITIES ENFORCE COLLECTION EFFORTS. I can give you peace of mind.

The above information is provided as general information only and not intended to suffice as legal advice upon which you can rely for your particular situation. In the event that you have specific questions you are advised to contact Mr. Noyes.//